Mr. Samal Dissanaike

Chief Executive Officer

A warm welcome to our world of Creativity, where Excellence is a habit and dedication is our Passion.

Our sincere appreciation and gratitude goes to our customers who have been with us throughout the years with great understanding. We understand the dynamics of the market and therefore we make continuous effort to support our customers in facing the challenges together.

Our employees are the key element of our business growth, where each employee understands the importance of our promise and relationship with our customers. This has helped us to cultivate and nurture a beautiful culture that links every single operation in the business to our customer.

Our other partners have been the backbone in providing us the necessary infrastructure to operate with constant encouragement and support for growth.

We have many companies of our likes entering the market and thereafter exiting, but our successful continuation is the result of the attributes of our heart-felt stakeholders.

As we forge ahead, it is vital that we pay importance to our stakeholders, whilst judging in advance the market surprises and ensuring ethical returns to all. To do this, we have built a roadmap that centers on relying in our culture, further engaging with our stakeholders and by contributing positively towards the society around us.

Building a stronger nation by creating and engaging ethical lifestyles is the responsibility of every individual, and therefore we believe that T&S Buttons Lanka is well positioned to face the future with confidence, with this in mind.

We invite you to be part of our world and be part of an ethical society.

Thank you,

Samal Dissanaike